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Parish Council

Contact Details of Councillors and Responsibilities 

Chairman - Ann Naylor

Tel:  07789 690808

Clerk and Office


Employment, Grievance and Policy Committee

Old School Field Development

SALC 1st

Street Furniture

Finance Committee

Policy Committee 


Kedington Parish Council Website Administrator 


Vice Chair -  

Councillor Stella Wilsher

Tel : 07766 428439

Chair Finance Committee

Employment, Grievance, and Policy Committee

Grievance and Policy Committee

Old School Field Development




Councillor Terry Wheeler

Tel : 01440 702971

Employment, Grievance and Policy Committee


Grass Cutting

Finance Community

Old School Field Development (Lead)

Riverside Walk

Royal British Legion

Street Furniture (Lead)

Wildlife, Environment and Green Matters

Policy Committee 


Councillor Karen Barber

Tel : Contact Parish Office


Councillor Tracey (Trav) McAllister

Tel : 07824 668080


Councillor James Stranger

Tel : 07483 886007 

Finance Committee


Councillor Debbie Pateman

Tel :  07896 620607


Parish Council

Tel : 01440 708577 

Affordable Housing


Play Equipment

Policing and Public Order

Risbridge Meadow 

KCA (Clerk)

Ketton Review (Clerk)


We currently have 2 Councillor vacancies


Kedington Parish Council meets in the Parish Council Office meeting room, Arms Lane, Kedington at 7.30 p.m. until 9.45 p.m. every third Tuesday in the month, except August when there is no meeting.  Parishioners Question Time always precedes every meeting.